What they won't tell you.

What is with Ukrain?

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You can drive yourself really crazy asking why. You’ll never be able to figure it out, you’ll never know all the inputs of the situation, and whatever you do decide about “why” something. You’ll never be able to stop having second thoughts, but something is going on that has caught my attention. All these “why” questions are buzzing around my head, threatening my sanity, and you know how I feel about my sanity.

So why are the Ukrainian ladies who only put out for cash so attracted to this guy? It’s really true, for some reason a lot of Ukrainian sex workers are grooving on a very obscure blogger with a grand plan to change the way you think. It’s crazy-making. In some ways I can see it, the guy is all for freedom and change and individual choice in his version of how history works. I can see how that could be appealing to some tough, materialistic babes, but how did the night ladies of Kiev find this guy when nobody in America ever heard of him? And who ever pegged the lovely ladies of Eastern Europe as deep thinkers, or big fans of deep thinkers? And while some of what this blogger says makes sense, other things he says show he may be a long-time leftie with all sorts of strange ideas. So it’s all very crazy-making, very much a threat to sanity. I should avoid it like the plague, I know I need my sanity more than I need this stuff, but my wondering-why sense got riled up and and sometimes it just nags you. I think it means something big and real is going to happen that I need to be thinking about more than this stuff.

When you know


There comes at least one time in all of our lives when we know the truth. A time when everyone and every thing around us screams that it is a lie, but we know. A time when we know without a doubt that if we told most people this truth they would call us crazy. If we are all that close to being called crazy then is it us? Is it really us that is crazy? No, it is just a label. The word “crazy” is just a simple way to reject the inconvenient truths in life. It is a way to keep the outliers of society from truly exploring their environment.

Has anyone else here noticed this driving need to stay sane? I ask all of you: Why? Why must we stay sane? Why is crazy so inherently bad? Don’t get me wrong, I am not denying the validity of sanity. Each and every one of us knows deep within our being that sanity is almost more precious then life itself, and that is the trap. Many people don’t know why sanity is so important, and without knowing it is just another tool that can be used to keep us all in line.

These words on this website are the reason for sanity. Every word, in fact, that you read and every word you speak is predicated on the sanity of both the speaker and the listener. It is all of human communication, and by extension everything that we have ever built, that is at stake. If I am insane then the words I record here today will have a different meaning for me then they do for you. If I am sane they have the same meaning. If I was insane I would lose the ethos of our society. Once I lost that I would truly be alone. This is the threat that we all know instinctively without necessarily knowing it intellectually. This is the threat that is invoked when you are called crazy.

There are things you could believe that would make you crazy. If I believed that the world was a dream the fundamental meaning behind my words would change, and this would truly make me crazy. However, if I disagree with someone about some trivial point of reality, like why screws are threaded so that clockwise is tight and counterclockwise is lose, that does not make me crazy. So question your world, and when that moment comes where you know the truth do not be afraid to speak of it. It does not make you crazy.

What happened?


Have you ever had one of those moments when you just knew that something happened, but have no way to prove it? I’ll give you an example: It’s like when you drop something on the floor, only when you bend down to look for it the thing is nowhere in sight! After you look and look for it you end up finding the thing in a place you just know that you looked over several times before.

It happens to most of us at least once a month, but most people never talk about it. Why? Is it because people are embarrassed? Is it because someone told us that sort of thing just doesn’t happen? Whatever the reason my be it keeps us all in the dark.

If we are ever to make progress as a human race we need to expose these little mysteries. We need to bring them out in the light, because if there is one thing I have learned it’s that there is someone out there who knows where that thing you dropped went for those 10 minutes you were looking for it, and they had some reason for taking it. If we don’t talk about it, they win.


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